LAN (Local Area Network)

We help our clients to build and manage a network using Microsoft technologies such as peer-to-peer networking or networking based on Windows 2003 (or Windows 2000) servers.

As a Linux specialist, we also deploy Linux server to interconnect Windows workstations so that the workstations can:

  • share Internet connection
  • share files
  • share printers or other hardware devices

The greatest benefit of using a Linux server is on cost savings of license fee.  This is especially true if there are a lot of workstations to be interconnected.

We'll use OSS (open source software) so that there is absolutely no license fee to be payable for the software in the Linux server.  The savings in this respect alone can be thousands of dollars.

Added to this is the benefit of a very powerful Linux server which is not only stable and reliable but also provides a rich spectrum of software tools for building intranet to be used internally for an organization.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help to save you moneys on your networking needs.

WAN (Wide Area Network)

In the light of falling prices of hardware and emerging technologies, it has never been cheaper to implement a WAN in order to connect two or more LANs (in different locations) together.

In the past, it was more expensive to have a quality WAN because of the cost of a dedicated line.  Today, it is cost effective and secure to implement a WAN using the Internet as the communication means while deploying VPN (Virtual Private Networks) technologies which will ensure data is secure by means of encryption.  Using broadband Internet connection (e.g. ADSL) which most offices would already have, the cost of connection is almost none.

With a WAN, a corporate office can easily access the data of its branch office(s) or vice versa.  The PCs in all the offices can communicate with one another as though they were all located in the same office.  It is therefore possible to have all accounting data in one central location so that the consolidated financial data is always updated.  All other kinds of data files can also be shared among the offices.

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